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taemin  pinkheart

It's been almost two years. Feels good to be back here in lj but I'm not using this as my permanent type pad kind of stuff  though since I'm already happily residing in blogspot (not to mention my temporary stay in wordpress early last year, 2010). 

The reason why I revived this account is solely dedicated for my fan girling activities. You already know what that is ne ~
It's been a long long time and as seen in my previous entries I was still very much head over heels in love with SHINee and Taemin though I haven't written a single post about him alone. But I made with Onew though he isn't my pick in the group.

Certainly time has change my fandoms too. From Kpop, I went back to Jpop where I really started with Hey Say 7 way back in 2007. That was when I was still in Grade 8 which is my second year in highschool. Now, I'm going to be a second year student in college this June. Yes, I've already had a lot of times spent in University (lol I sound like a veteran though I only had a one year experience on hand)

And so much for that history. Now let's go to the real thing. 
As you know, I've always been a devoted fan girl for years already and that's undeniably proven with such evidences. Currently, my obsession is Tomohisa Yamashita of NEWS. It occured to me last October 2010 (that was during our sembreak that I got to watch Nobuta wo Produce completely). I didn't like that dude at first because he was so BAAAAA~KA! Before and while watching, I was with Kame. But then when I saw one of his fanvids in youtube with "My Dear" as the background music, I liked him a bit and went to watch Kurosagi, Proposal Daisakusen, Code Blue 1 & 2, Sore wa Totsuzen arashi no you ni, Buzzer Beat and a lot more of his movies, dramas, cfs and stuff. That totally got me hooked! I'm definitely marrying this guy! (THAT'S FOR KEEPS). I just hope I wont have a change of heart but right now Yamapi's got nothing to worry about since I'm all his. LOL! I'm becoming delusional! Apologies for that. :-)

Yeah really, I'm so into Pichan!! Yay! 

 That's one down for you!