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shinee colorful words

A SHINeeng Victory *3*

One Two Three - - - SHINee! Jin Ki !  Jonghyun !  Keybum !  Minho ! Taemin !  Those were the yells I could remember from shinee's victory in music bank yesterday. Gaaah* another breath-taking performance from them made me crazzzyyy... Okay okay yeah i admit it, i was fangirling again.

Anyway I'm really happy they won. I can't even forget Key's reaction like 'oooooohh?!?!?!'. Indeed it was a job well done. There were even lame people who tries to bash them earlier in forums before their comeback perf but like 'helllooo??!! why do you intend bringing these boys down? don't you have other busness to look out for? Gosh! Get a life and just back off!'. I don't like the run of my emotions when negative issues face them. Yeah I think I'm much into them because I'm feeling these. Ahaha corny? cheezy? I don't care :P Think what you wanna think about. Go ahead. LOL LMAO xD I won't stop you if yer into it that bad.
One of their songs in the mini album romeo which is hit me is really hitting me hard currently - - - It sends chill inside my freaking bones. Gawwwd what a beat!!
Can't stop it. It's like those boys are just beside you and doing the whole serenade thing. Taking fangirls' breath away. And by the way, I've also tripped on some rumor days ago, that SM is doin a female version of shinee in 'crystal'. Well if this is true, I should just better support them but they'll be staying away from my boys or else ... don't wanna think about the outcome. Ahahaa xD and so that's it...