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Mar. 28th, 2011

taemin  pinkheart

(no subject)

It's been almost two years. Feels good to be back here in lj but I'm not using this as my permanent type pad kind of stuff  though since I'm already happily residing in blogspot (not to mention my temporary stay in wordpress early last year, 2010). 

The reason why I revived this account is solely dedicated for my fan girling activities. You already know what that is ne ~
It's been a long long time and as seen in my previous entries I was still very much head over heels in love with SHINee and Taemin though I haven't written a single post about him alone. But I made with Onew though he isn't my pick in the group.

Certainly time has change my fandoms too. From Kpop, I went back to Jpop where I really started with Hey Say 7 way back in 2007. That was when I was still in Grade 8 which is my second year in highschool. Now, I'm going to be a second year student in college this June. Yes, I've already had a lot of times spent in University (lol I sound like a veteran though I only had a one year experience on hand)

And so much for that history. Now let's go to the real thing. 
As you know, I've always been a devoted fan girl for years already and that's undeniably proven with such evidences. Currently, my obsession is Tomohisa Yamashita of NEWS. It occured to me last October 2010 (that was during our sembreak that I got to watch Nobuta wo Produce completely). I didn't like that dude at first because he was so BAAAAA~KA! Before and while watching, I was with Kame. But then when I saw one of his fanvids in youtube with "My Dear" as the background music, I liked him a bit and went to watch Kurosagi, Proposal Daisakusen, Code Blue 1 & 2, Sore wa Totsuzen arashi no you ni, Buzzer Beat and a lot more of his movies, dramas, cfs and stuff. That totally got me hooked! I'm definitely marrying this guy! (THAT'S FOR KEEPS). I just hope I wont have a change of heart but right now Yamapi's got nothing to worry about since I'm all his. LOL! I'm becoming delusional! Apologies for that. :-)

Yeah really, I'm so into Pichan!! Yay! 

 That's one down for you! 

Jun. 6th, 2009

shinee colorful words

A SHINeeng Victory *3*

One Two Three - - - SHINee! Jin Ki !  Jonghyun !  Keybum !  Minho ! Taemin !  Those were the yells I could remember from shinee's victory in music bank yesterday. Gaaah* another breath-taking performance from them made me crazzzyyy... Okay okay yeah i admit it, i was fangirling again.

Anyway I'm really happy they won. I can't even forget Key's reaction like 'oooooohh?!?!?!'. Indeed it was a job well done. There were even lame people who tries to bash them earlier in forums before their comeback perf but like 'helllooo??!! why do you intend bringing these boys down? don't you have other busness to look out for? Gosh! Get a life and just back off!'. I don't like the run of my emotions when negative issues face them. Yeah I think I'm much into them because I'm feeling these. Ahaha corny? cheezy? I don't care :P Think what you wanna think about. Go ahead. LOL LMAO xD I won't stop you if yer into it that bad.
One of their songs in the mini album romeo which is hit me is really hitting me hard currently - - - It sends chill inside my freaking bones. Gawwwd what a beat!!
Can't stop it. It's like those boys are just beside you and doing the whole serenade thing. Taking fangirls' breath away. And by the way, I've also tripped on some rumor days ago, that SM is doin a female version of shinee in 'crystal'. Well if this is true, I should just better support them but they'll be staying away from my boys or else ... don't wanna think about the outcome. Ahahaa xD and so that's it...


Jun. 3rd, 2009

taemin  pinkheart

(no subject)

Omo! Omo! xD

We're going back on June 8. My mind doesn't want to think about school stuffs yet. Another failing grade in math again. Projects, assignments, individual works again. Again and again. Gawwd, we'll be doing all of these stuffs again but I might be trying my best now that we're graduating. See, I only go to school because of my allowance and my friends. I know that's lame but you can't blame someone lamer.
I hope to finish HS without fail. Math, I'll really beat you. I'll be responsible as ever this time. And I'll be spending my time wisely.

I just hope so.

Jun. 1st, 2009

cute fish

(no subject)

WOHOOOOOO! My journal's ressurected fom the dead. Puahahaha! Missing things beyond imagination was hell. Swear! And now that the boss is here, mices turn and hide. CATS RULE! Best of all, the coming of the next generation blog saga is BOO! Anyway that's it for the rejoicing of my oh-so-mighty journal's ressurection. Stupid ideas, senseless thoughts and my LAMEness was auto-saved for this off-duty incident. Praise God!   -----------   Weeeeeeeeeeee~   I think it's not that easy to get over this.. I think I'm throwing up a party.. Yeheey! Yeah praise me. ^3^  Everyone's invited! Come come and celebrate with me! *calls everyone on the phone* on the line: "HEY DUDE! I'M THROWING UP A PARTY. COME AND I'LL BE GLAD HAVING YOU. BRING YER CATS ALONG, THEY'RE A PART OF THE CELEBRATION. BYE!" *puts the phone down and gives out a grin* Hahaha! HOW LAME!! I'm missing so many things in kpop. Still youtube can't be reopened. T.T

May. 29th, 2009

inoue mao


This journal is currently off-duty due to some crazy net connections. No worries though. Will be updating soon. JA-NE <33 POKES FROM: -The Boss

May. 20th, 2009

shinee colorful words

Juliet's heart in shreds..

Yes! Yes! He's one of the newest Romeos in kpop!  
&& yes! yes! I'm their Juliet.. kkk~

(no offense to all shinee girl fans and Krystal's too ;D)

Today a sudden news just made my heart stop. --Just a few minutes ago while I was out wandering inside the gigantic world wide web, I saw myself reading an article about SHINee's delayed comeback. It was because of Jin ki's dislocated incisors and stuffs about his injury and that they wont be able to continue as what was planned of their comeback on the 21st of May. It was said that it will be moved on to the 27th. Disappoinment banged my head. I've been waiting for this for about 4 months or so. But I know this ain't the time for fans' disappointment, it's time for us to pray for Onew's fast recovery. Let's support them more this time please. If I was just there that very moment, I would have catched him below. (LOL D;) Anyways, I really pity Dubu ~__~ 




May. 19th, 2009

eun yoon hye


By this time, I'm currently indulging myself in talk threads in cy. I thought boredom was gonna kill me there.
I really don't have much to say except that I'm starting to enjoy conversations ~
And now, it's getting really late. It's 12:30 am here in my place, so I think I need to rest my eyes from
bombarding the world wide web with my senseless thoughts
Good night everyone!

May. 14th, 2009

kame&#39;s green animated turtle

Let me

I'll talk.